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The approach

There are roughly 345,000 households in San Francisco. Current estimates put printing and distribution via the USPS, at around $30,000 to reach 50,000 homes. It might seem like a lot, but compared to the cost of damage from one fire, or the loss of just one life, it’s a worthwhile investment. We’ve reached 54,000 households already, and per-unit costs area lower with larger print runs.

Starting with the greatest need

We began by prioritizing the districts 10 and 11, and hope to reach more soon. If we can raise enough money, we’ll begin distribution beyond San Francisco to Oakland and surrounding cities. 


Given the diverse population of San Francisco, we’re producing the guides in two versions. The first is English + Spanish, and the second is English + Chinese. If we’re able to, we’ll also create one in English + Tagalog, for our Filipino population. 


SF72 – San Francisco Department of Emergency Management
Red Cross – Emergency preparedness
AlertSF – SF emergency text notifications


NERT – FREE Neighborhood Emergency Response Training from the San Francisco Fire Department
Red Cross – First Aid, CPR, etc. 


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