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Let’s face it, we can’t do this alone. We’re grateful for the support from Sappi Ideas that Matter, to help us reach our first 54,000 households. In order to reach the rest of San Francisco (and beyond), we need your help:

Corporate Sponsorships

Your company can fund guides for a district, zip code, or an entire bay area city (hello Oakland!) Guides can be branded, and custom messaging / copy can be added.

Tax-deductible Donations

We’re set up with a fiscal sponsor, so donations are now a tax write-off. If you’re feeling philanthropic, or just care deeply about your community, let us know.

Government Agencies

If you’re working on public safety, emergency management, or resiliency, let us know how we can partner up!


If you have something else to contribute, or suggestions, we’re happy to chat with you about it. 


SF72 – San Francisco Department of Emergency Management
Red Cross – Emergency preparedness
AlertSF – SF emergency text notifications


NERT – FREE Neighborhood Emergency Response Training from the San Francisco Fire Department
Red Cross – First Aid, CPR, etc. 


2830 20th Street, Suite 103
San Francisco, CA 94110