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Our mission is to put free disaster preparedness guides into every household in San Francisco.

Why, isn’t all that information available online?


Yes, it is. Despite that, and numerous campaigns, many households still don’t have kits or plans. More importantly, most people don’t know how (or when) to shut off their utilities in an emergency. 


We believe putting free guides in every home will ensure that critical information is available when the need arises (because, what are you going to do if the internet is down?) 



probability of one or more magnitude 6.7 earthquakes in the San Francisco Bay Region in the next 25 years. 


estimated damages caused by the 1989 Loma Prieta quake. 

– San Jose Mercury News

people could be displaced if an earthquake similar to the one in 1906 shook the San Francisco Bay Area (nearly 69,000 houses would likely be uninhabitable).

– SFGate


The guides are available in English + Spanish, and English + Chinese and include:

• What to do before, during and after a major disaster
• When, and how, to shut off utilities
• How to purify water 
• Emergency supply checklist
• How to make a plan


SF72 – San Francisco Department of Emergency Management
Red Cross – Emergency preparedness
AlertSF – SF emergency text notifications


NERT – FREE Neighborhood Emergency Response Training from the San Francisco Fire Department
Red Cross – First Aid, CPR, etc. 


2830 20th Street, Suite 103
San Francisco, CA 94110